Cheering on the ‘all blacks’ – Whitby Gothic charity football match

If you are a regular attendee to Whitby Goth Weekend then you know that Sunday afternoon is ‘footie match’ day. Time to wrap up warm and drag your weary hungover corpse to the local football ground to see our own Real Gothic FC take on Whitby Stokomotiv in the twice yearly charity football match.

Even if you are not into soccer, or any sports at all, this is an experience not to be missed. The sheer incongruity of seeing a stand full of black-clad Goths cheering on their football team (also clad in black) is worth the trip. This year was no different and both the clubhouse bar and stand were filled with Goths ready and eager for the fun.

First onto the pitch was our lovely all-male cheerleading team ‘Boy Division’. Clad in mini-skirts and black t-shirts, sporting ribbons in their hair and waving their purple pom-poms, these guys were on a mission to cheer their team to victory. The crowd gave them a warm welcome as they went through their paces, preparing for kick-off.

Next on were Stokomotiv FC, led by former Whitby Gazette editor John Stokoe, these guys looked fit, fresh and ready for battle. Closely followed by our not-so-fresh boys in black. The Real Gothic XI looked slightly the worse for wear, most of them having been partying in the Spa until the wee hours. However hungover they might be, they looked happy at the rousing cheer that greeted them as they took to the pitch.

Now, the problem here is that our boys only get to play together twice a year. Stokomotiv are a team that play regularly so needless to say, they were always going to have the upper hand. However, ten minutes into the proceedings, they were already 2-0 up. Spirits were roused when Real Gothic scored a rare goal and hope was restored….for about 15 minutes. Then it all went pear-shaped.

Not that anyone cared. This is a regular occurrence and something we’re well used to. In all the 21 years of Whitby Goth Weekend, I think Real Gothic have won a grand total of twice!

Goal followed goal from Stokomotiv, despite goalkeeper Mikey Best’s heroic attempts to stem the tide. Even at half time there was no respite when our female penalty kickers, Sisters of Real were outscored in the shoot out.

Back to the pitch for the second half and the carnage continued. Even the carefully coreographed cheerleading from Boy Division and their tiny 5-year old mascot couldn’t make a difference. Desperate needs called for desperate measures and the RG subs decided it was time to make their presence felt. Numbers on the pitch increased to 16, then 19 in the final five minutes. Even the Sisters of Real started to make their way onto the pitch, as the final whistle blew. Real Gothic FC 1 – Stokomotiv FC 8.

The real winners of the day were the charities who benefited from the proceeds taken at the door, the raffle and the charity auction at the end. As Wallace and Gromit would say, it was ‘A Grand Day Out’ for all concerned. Well done, guys and girls, see you at the next match.


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