Sacrosanct 2015: Day Three


Another beautiful day dawned in Reading as we headed out in search of breakfast. I was slightly hungover and craving a bacon sandwich while my partner in crime needed a caffeine fix. A Wetherspoons was found where both our needs were met. Later on, we found ourselves back at the Butler and the afternoon was passed chatting, drinking and indulging in the traditional Sunday roast dinner. Then, as evening turned to night, we found ourselves back at the Face Bar ready for a third helping of Gothic bands to be served up to us courtesy of Dave and Simone.

The first band on stage were Yabanci, a trio hailing from Italy/Switzerland. Fronted by vocalist, Laura, with Emi “The beating heart of the band” on keyboards and Valerio on guitar, this band delivered a spine-chilling set; Laura’s powerful voice is reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux, creating the perfect foil for the darkly melodic guitar and keyboards. They were an excellent opener for the evening and went down well with the crowd.

Last Dusk, from Costa Rica were up next. This band had travelled furthest to be here and were warmly welcomed on-stage. While they played a good set and went down well, they didn’t catch my ear the way some of the other bands had. Maybe they’re an acquired taste? I’ll certainly give them another listen.

Whispers In The Shadow, from Austria were the third act of the night. I really enjoyed this band, who delivered a gutsy, powerful set with lots of passion. High point was joining in belting out the chorus of “My name is legion” along with everybody else in the room. More please!

Before the final band of the night took to the stage, there was a slight change to our scheduled programming as Dave and Mark of Vendemmian shuffled onstage. These guys closed Sacrosanct 2014, and their musical career, last year, much to the regret of their fans. Were we about to see a return of the much-loved duo? Yes, and no. The guys reduced the audience to tears (of laughter!) with a rendition of ‘Shine On’ on smartphone guitar app and…minion fart gun. I kid you not. Expect to see them on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ soon!

Final act of the festival was, appropriately, The Last Dance. Hailing from California, this band is a well-loved and well-known band in the Goth scene and the Face Bar was packed to the rafters with people eager to see them. With plenty of banter between songs from vocalist, Jeff Diehm, The Last Dance served up a polished mix of well loved songs and new tracks from their latest album, ‘Ruins‘. The dancefloor was packed solid with happy, sweaty goths and I’d have been in there myself only my feet, were begging for mercy at this stage in the proceedings. So instead, I watched from the side, perched on a barstool. The Last Dance fairly brought the house down, ending three amazing nights of music in style. As there was a midnight curfew, being Sunday, several of us returned to the Penta Hotel, where we partied until the small hours. As a stunning ‘blood moon’ rose over Reading, we finally crept off to our beds.

Dave, Simone…what can I say? You gave us a weekend par excellence. 14 bands from 11 countries, three club nights, one amazing experience. Thank you and see you next year for Sacrosanct 2016!


5 thoughts on “Sacrosanct 2015: Day Three

  1. Will you be going next year? I haven’t made it to Sacrosanct for many years. Dave and Mark used to be good friends of mine, it would be good to meet up with them again.


    1. Hi Dave. Wow, small world, isn’t it? There’s a question mark over whether there will be a Sacrosanct 2016 at the moment due to numbers. But if there is, I’ll definitely be there. The last three years have been fantastic.


  2. Do you remember the Devonshire Arms in Camden? I used to run that place. Steve Carey (This Burning Effigy) lived there for a while when I was there (I put Steve up when he first moved over from Dublin). Oh and a question. On you whitby football page, you have a photo of 4 people watching the match, is the lady on the right, Marge?


    1. Yes, it is indeed Marge, the lady beside her is me. I travel over from Dublin frequently for gigs and festivals and have gotten to know her well. Also know Steve Carey, he’s from my neck of the woods. Sorry, but not familiar with the Devonshire Arms.

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