Things to do in Dublin if you’re Goth: Club nights

For most of us, music is the lifeblood of our gothic lifestyle. Contrary to popular opinion, we’re a sociable lot and like nothing better than to spend a night mingling while listening and dancing to our favourite dark tunes.

So where to go in Dublin if you’re Goth? At the moment, there is no definitive list of gothic pubs and clubs so I decided to post about what’s running in Dublin on a regular basis right now.

Exquisite Corpse: Dedicated to bringing you the best of goth, post punk, death-rock and dark-wave music. I contacted one of the organisers (who prefers to remain anonymous) and he gave me the following:

“While a lot of goth/industrial nights focus on the big names of the 80’s when it comes to goth, we instead focus on the music that was created in the 25 years after those heydays, eschewing nostalgia for fresher, newer material sourced from all across the globe.

This material is brought to you by DJs with a broad range of DJ-ing backgrounds, ranging from club nights like Total War and Revolution, to radio stations such as NUI Galway’s Flirt FM and Dublin City FM. Although Exquisite Corpse is a relatively new event, it has been highly successful in attracting good, welcoming crowds large enough to fill the venue and keep them coming back for more.

The entertainment and enjoyment of our clientele is our top priority. We also provide visuals on the night as well, and there is always a photographer taking pictures of the crowd. We are always working towards delivering a bigger and better clubbing experience than before.”

Exquisite Corpse is based in the front room of the rock/metal venue Fibber Magees. Date for the next night is TBC. See their Facebook page for updates.


Revolution: Once upon a time, there was a Gothic club night called Dominion that ran every week in the cellar bar of Fraser’s in O’Connell Street. It was dark, it was damp and the toilets frequently smelled. But for the Goths of Dublin it was home and every week, for 14 years, the cellar bar came alive to the sound of dark pumping beats and the collective stomping of pointy boots and New Rocks.

However, like all good things, Dominion finally came to an end. But even as the last notes of the Sisters of Mercy’s ‘Dominion’ died away, plans were already under way for a resurrection.

From the ashes of Dominion came Revolution, a monthly club night run by the same group of dedicated organisers and DJ’s that brought you Dominion. Starting out as a ‘pop up’ club, moving from venue to venue, Revolution eventually found its permanent home in the Voodoo Lounge on Aran Quay.

Playing the best in goth, industrial, EBM, electro, alternative, deathrock, metal and darkwave, Revolution often plays host to guest DJ’s as well as their in-house DJ’s so the music is always fresh and exciting. There’s often a roving photographer taking photos for the Facebook page and often the club hosts a gothic bring and buy sale if you’re looking to change up your wardrobe.

Revolution’s next night is Saturday December 12th. Join their Facebook page or their website to stay updated.


Interzone is a pub night that happens usually every third Saturday of the month in the Thomas House, Thomas Street, Dublin 8. Just a short walk from the madness of Dame Street/Temple Bar, the Thomas House is a small, alternative-friendly pub comprising a small gig venue and plays host to all manner of alternative nights from Motown to Punk, Rockabilly to Goth. Follow the Thomas House on Twitter to find out about upcoming events.

Interzone is run by DJ Paul B, playing the best in post punk/new wave/indie/shoegaze/rock/alt/80’s and more. Entry is free (always a bonus) and guest DJ’s often feature.

The Interzone Christmas Special is on the 19th December.

For updates, like the Interzone Facebook page.


Total War is another club night that happens on a regular basis in Dublin. Usually happening every two months in Fibber Magee’s on Parnell Street (same location as Exquisite Corpse), Total War specialises in Neofolk/Martial/Industrial Noise and more. So if your tastes are on the heavier end of the spectrum, this is one to check out. At the moment, dates for the next Total War night are TBC but liking the Facebook page will help you to stay updated.

There are other, less frequent nights that happen sporadically throughout the year. Depeche Mode Party, happens on a more or less quarterly basis, playing all your favourite from the iconic band and related bands. Darklands Returns, playing the music from the late lamented Bartley Dunne’s and Cureheads Dublin play the best in 80’s goth and beyond.

Upcoming events:

Do you have a club night you’d like to see listed here? Leave a comment below and we’ll talk.



9 thoughts on “Things to do in Dublin if you’re Goth: Club nights

  1. And speaking of Bartley Dunnes, there is the annual Bartley Dunnes Reunion on December 27th being held in the Thomas House. Djs from Darklands, Interzone and 2XM will be gracing the decks playing the best (and worst) in 80s Goth and alternative and it’s free in!


  2. Hey Jen! Awesome blog. There are a few gigs coming up that might be of interest to your readers!
    Sex Gang Children are playing @ Workmans, and Killing Joke at The Academy (and I’m DJing at the after party in The Thomas House).


    1. Hi Caoimhe,

      Thanks for the feedback! I will be at the SGC gig but can’t make Killing Joke due to prior commitments. Will be doing the Mission though! 🙂



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