Christmas is coming…

December is here and the headlong rush towards Christmas Day has begun. Stores are in full-on sell mode and people are rushing around with a crazed light in their eyes as they buy feverishly, brainwashed by the constant media stream urging us to consume.

But do we really need all this stuff we’re buying? Oh yes, it’s so shiny and new, just what I wanted, but how long before that shine dissipates and that oh-so-precious item is discarded to landfill? What is all this blatant consumerism doing to our planet?

This video by Aurelio Voltaire, entitled ‘X-Mess Detritus’, carries a chilling, yet thought-provoking message for the season and the waste it generates. Narrated by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, it begs the viewer to consider the real message of Christmas and suggests giving “love and friendship. Hope and cheer. Things one needn’t wrap, my dear.”

Enjoy the video:

Aurelio Voltaire is a Cuban-American musician, author, toymaker, actor and stop-motion animator based in New York. To learn more, visit his website.




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