What is there to talk about?

This is a blog post from a colleague of mine who’s a regular gig-goer and who writes his own blog: let the rhythm hit’em. This post touched on a pet peeve of mine; People talking during gigs. Whether you’re goth or not, I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point or another. There you are, trying to lose yourself in the music and fully appreciate what’s happening on stage. But you can’t because someone behind you is jawing to their best friend about the latest goings-on at work or some such subject that obviously can’t wait until the gig is over because it’ important that it must be discussed NOW. Then, if you have the cheek to ask them to be quiet you’ll either be given filthy, offended looks or politely (if you’re lucky) be told to mind your own business.

Who goes to a gig to chatter and gossip? Not only is it rude to the people around you, it’s disrespectful to the artist on stage, particularly if it’s an acoustic gig. The way I see it is, it’s common gig etiquette to save the chat for later. You’ve paid for the ticket, you want to be there, so why ruin it for everyone else by talking?

Maybe I’m being too precious about this but when I go to a gig, I go for the experience. To lose myself in the music, connect with the artists on stage and become one with those around me who are there for the same reason. If that’s not what you’re there for, then maybe you should just go to the pub instead.


Source: What is there to talk about?


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