10 Gig Etiquette Failures (by Dave Franklin)

Gigs: Are you doing them wrong? I’ve briefly touched on gig etiquette failure before (see “What is there to talk about?” re-blogged from ‘Let the rhythm hit them’.) Here’s the top 10 gig etiquette failures from ‘Dancing About Architecture’

Do you have any other gig etiquette peeves? Let me know about them in the comments below.

Source: 10 Gig Etiquette Failures (by Dave Franklin)


One thought on “10 Gig Etiquette Failures (by Dave Franklin)

  1. “…don’t wear that years tour shirt to the bands gig, it smacks of desperation and newbie status..”

    Everyone does it though, damn saddoes!

    Also claiming to be “attending” gigs on the other side of the world for FB kudos? Gak!

    Sincerely, A young fan with the skinny jeans and complicated hair try to push past once the gig is underway.


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