About this blog

Google ‘Goth’ and you will get any number of blogs and websites showing you examples of Gothic fashion, hair, make-up’ and ‘how to get the Gothic look’. If this is why you are here then click away now. This blog doesn’t care about the latest  ‘Gothic trends’ or which celeb has ‘gone Goth’.

Goth has always been, first and foremost, about the music. Rising from the ashes of punk (Goth has also been referred to as ‘post punk’) and entwining with 80’s electronica, Gothic music has splintered, subdivided and evolved over the decades to become the thriving underground musical genre it still is today.

As a member of the Irish/UK Goth scene, I will be blogging about the bands currently active today, as well as reporting on festivals, gigs, club-nights, people and places of interest in Dublin, with occasional forays further afield.


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