Recommended band: Last Dusk

You have to hand it to any band that’s willing to travel from Costa Rica to perform at a gothic festival in the UK. Such was the case with Last Dusk, who made the long, long journey to perform at Sacrosanct in September. Formed back in 2011 by Carfax Haddo, Last Dusk have made a […]

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Meet Joe Black

Let me introduce you to a most delightful entertainer… On his website, Joe Black describes himself as “A gin-drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid-tongued ringmaster.” Specialising in dark cabaret, Joe Black has a talent for the darkly comedic. Mixing comedy with tragedy to create a surreal and inspiring experience. I first […]

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What is there to talk about?

This is a blog post from a colleague of mine who’s a regular gig-goer and who writes his own blog: let the rhythm hit’em. This post touched on a pet peeve of mine; People talking during gigs. Whether you’re goth or not, I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point or another. There you are, […]

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Sacrosanct 2015: Day Three

  Another beautiful day dawned in Reading as we headed out in search of breakfast. I was slightly hungover and craving a bacon sandwich while my partner in crime needed a caffeine fix. A Wetherspoons was found where both our needs were met. Later on, we found ourselves back at the Butler and the afternoon […]

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Sacrosanct 2015: Day Two

9:30am, Saturday morning. Goths in the Penta Hotel (otherwise known as ‘Goth Central HQ’) got a rude awakening when the fire alarm went off and everyone was forced to exit the building at short notice. A sea of black issued forth from every doorway with a few perplexed tourists being swept along amongst them. Those […]

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