What is there to talk about?

This is a blog post from a colleague of mine who’s a regular gig-goer and who writes his own blog: let the rhythm hit’em. This post touched on a pet peeve of mine; People talking during gigs. Whether you’re goth or not, I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point or another. There you are, […]

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Sacrosanct 2015: Day Three

  Another beautiful day dawned in Reading as we headed out in search of breakfast. I was slightly hungover and craving a bacon sandwich while my partner in crime needed a caffeine fix. A Wetherspoons was found where both our needs were met. Later on, we found ourselves back at the Butler and the afternoon […]

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Sacrosanct 2015: Day Two

9:30am, Saturday morning. Goths in the Penta Hotel (otherwise known as ‘Goth Central HQ’) got a rude awakening when the fire alarm went off and everyone was forced to exit the building at short notice. A sea of black issued forth from every doorway with a few perplexed tourists being swept along amongst them. Those […]

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