Who will speak for the bats?

Bats, just like Goths, have long been a misunderstood species. Thanks to popular culture and horror movies, many see these creatures as harbingers of death, disease and discord, with a thirst for the blood of animals and humans. Nothing could be further than the truth. Personally, I find myself fascinated by these nocturnal, leathery-winged little […]

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Meet Joe Black

Let me introduce you to a most delightful entertainer… On his website, Joe Black describes himself as “A gin-drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid-tongued ringmaster.” Specialising in dark cabaret, Joe Black has a talent for the darkly comedic. Mixing comedy with tragedy to create a surreal and inspiring experience. I first […]

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Sacrosanct 2015: Day Three

  Another beautiful day dawned in Reading as we headed out in search of breakfast. I was slightly hungover and craving a bacon sandwich while my partner in crime needed a caffeine fix. A Wetherspoons was found where both our needs were met. Later on, we found ourselves back at the Butler and the afternoon […]

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